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September 2014 Newsletter

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 Landlord tip


 It is up to the landlord to insure their rental property against damage. In the event of an insurance claim, most insurance companies require evidence of regular inspections. Some require 3 month inspections, some a longer period. Keep some form of inspection log. Know what your insurance company requires so you don't risk a claim not being honored. Landlord insurance will usually be for the benefit of the landlord only. A tenant should arrange insurance to protect their contents and liability for damage to the landlord’s property. Check exactly what it is covered by your policy, and also check claim requirements. Some insurers offer special landlord insurance cover that includes issues to do with the tenancy (e.g., vacancy periods, damage by the tenant, etc). You may also choose to insure any chattels in the property that you own and that are listed in the tenancy agreement. Any damage to them will not be covered by the tenant’s contents insurance.

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TINZ tip

 When you issue a 14 day notice, lodge it on the website. Add an "A-alert" tick against the lodgement and if your tenant is looking to move on without telling you, then this is an early warning system. If they are subsequently vetted by another property manager, TINZ will warn you that they are looking to move. 
 The "A-alert" also sends you the prospective address if you are needing to have them served. eg. for a notice of hearing. 
As with all lodgments, when you lodge a 14 day notice your account receives a credit, AND...  
you enter the draw for a...

 To see how easy lodgements are,  watch a 3 minute video

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19/9/2014   Unintended consequences of Rental WOF
3/9/2014   Reaction to Labours Housing policy 
2/9/2014   Tax changes will affect Tenants

Ed. Apologies the above articles were written pre-election but still well worth reading.

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