July 2015 Newsletter

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 It was great to meet so many TINZ members at the annual REINZ conference. While our Managing Director Geoff Knight was speaking he asked for a show of hands from TINZ members. We were astounded to see around 90% of the audience put up their hands. We do not take that level of support for granted as we continue to innovate and enhance TINZ services. 

 Landlord tip

While doing your initial property inspection with your new tenants, take photos or video showing the condition of your property. If you ever have a dispute over damage or property condition, a photo or video can speak a thousand words. Before and after shots of damage are compelling evidence at any Tenancy Tribunal hearing. Also request to photograph your tenants or perhaps a close up of their photo id. The best time to do this is when they fill out the Tenancy Application Form. A photo of your tenant can make a big difference should you ever need a baliff or a debt collector. They like to know if they are talking to the right person when they knock on the door and the tenant denies their identity.

  Landlord tip of the month.   If you would like to share a Landlord tip we would love to hear from you at >newsletter@tinz.net.nz . We are looking for short sharp 1 or 2 paragraph tips which will help us all. If we use your tip in a newsletter there will be a small gift in the mail in appreciation for your effort.  


TINZ tip

 This is Good!
On the TINZ Search results page the first information available is address information from previous TINZ searches. This is important information as it may represent a tenancy which your prospective tenant is trying to hide from you. Currently we show who made the search. If you click on the members name, it is an email link through to the person who offered the reference.  So it is very easy to seek additional information. We are also looking to ad the members phone number to give you another option for contact. We look forward to any questions or feedback on this.   


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