October 2015 Newsletter

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 Landlord tip

 Most tenants give mobile phones as their preferred method of communication. Many property managers find text messaging to be an effective tool.
 Importantly text messaging can also be used as evidence at the Tenancy Tribunal so long as you have it as a printout. The most efficient way to do this is to install an sms backup app which transfers txt messages to your computer. Typically an sms backup app will leave a string showing entire conversations on your computer or in your email account. This makes text conversations easily printable. You will find plenty of options in your app store on your phone, or if you want to learn more you might google  'sms backup for android' or 'sms backup for iphone'.  The one that works very well on my android device is 'sms backup +'

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TINZ tip

 Your tenants can have lifetime access to load, hold, email or print Tenancy Applications online. Your tenants can register for this service at . Their Application form is also kept in the background on TINZ so that you can view it via a search of their name or your property address they are applying for. When you are ready to run a tenant check through TINZ it will self-populate the search page. This means very little typing is required from you. To see an example Tenancy Application and how it works, login to TINZ then search Fred Flintstone from SEARCH menu-->TENANCY APPLICATIONS. Furthermore every listing on holds a tenancy application behind it. Even easier is if the tenant already has their application loaded on the tenant website they can simply fetch it. SO... point your tenants to

Exciting Times: We are close to having Passport Verification in place. We are also working on some additional databases searches on prospective tenants.
Knowledge is power! Don't settle for anything less than the most comprehensive tenant check available in NZ.

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