T.I.N.Z. was started as a fax only service on 01/10/1998 with approximately 4,500 defaulting tenants listed. Now that the system is internet based the database has grown to over 86,000 tenants and is increasing at the rate of more than 130 per day. This is through the support of hundred's of property managers throughout New Zealand, and thousands of landlords who are regularly using the system. Many have been referred to us via the Courts, Real Estate Institute of NZ (REINZ), Department of Building and Housing (DBH), NZ Property Investor Associations (NZPIF), and other property managers and landlords.

The initial information that started the T.I.N.Z. database system came as a result of the debt collection work that the parent company The C.I.A. Debt Recovery Group Limited (C.I.A.), formerly Chase Investigative Agencies Ltd did for approximately 25% of the property managers of the Auckland Division of the Real Estate Institute. C.I.A. have been a national tenancy debt recovery specialist since 1993. They are continually uploading their database to update listings. You can find out more information about them and their services on their website: www.cia.co.nz

T.I.N.Z. was created to meet a need in the industry. As such T.I.N.Z. is committed to working alongside our members in all aspects. We maintain a fresh, innovative and flexible approach as we continue to develop the company and the website, in order to meet the needs of property managers and landlords the length and breadth of New Zealand.

T.I.N.Z. is now a user friendly, interactive website where registrations, lodgments and searches are all done online by registered users at www.tinz.net.nz. 

Membership is open to all property managers and landlords who are New Zealand residents.


2004 - As a result of an upgrade and merger of Tenant Net and Tenancy Information New Zealand in November 2004, T.I.N.Z. members can now not only lodge Tribunal decisions against tenants, but also 14-day notices as well as tenant ratings. Along with this upgrade T.I.N.Z. made all it’s lodging and checking facilities available online 24/7 to it’s users. This now gives our members the ability to shut down the serial offenders, while also promoting the many good tenants that inhabit our houses. 

2005 - The website was further enhanced in December 2005, so that searches will simultaneously conduct credit checks on the Veda Advantage (formerly Baycorp Advantage) database. This provides the tenant’s general credit history on screen with our T.I.N.Z. report.


2009 - Other developments have included simultaneous checks of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) online registry of tenancy tribunal orders which was introduced in April 2009. However there are some shortfalls of the MOJ registry: 

For these reasons, we encourage T.I.N.Z. members to continue lodging their tenancy tribunal orders on the T.I.N.Z. system.

2009 - The REINZ endorsed T.I.N.Z. after the withdraw of the Australian supplier of the Australian operated tenancy register - NTD, from the New Zealand market. This in turn stopped the dilution of the market and resulted in the information being held by a New Zealand owned system.


2009 - The NZPIF endorsed T.I.N.Z. which resulted in a special arrangement for NZPIF members to join and use T.I.N.Z. for their lodgements and tenant checking requirements. NZPIF members, please contact your local association for further details or alternatively you can email us at admin@tinz.net.nz.

2010 - To maintain our fresh and innovative approach, a new corporate livery were designed and implemented into the website in September 2010. This new look incorporated a colour scheme closer to that of New Zealand 'colours' and adopted a stylised fern which T.I.N.Z. was granted permission to use by it's designer.

2011 - A new feature of T.I.N.Z. was set up for tenants to register online in February 2011. This allows tenants to fill out the online tenancy application form which is then lodged and saved on T.I.N.Z. for them to easily print off, or email their application to any property manager or landlord. With the tenants permission, this will also allow property managers and landlords to search for that application on T.I.N.Z. Tenants can easily update or make changes to their details on their application at any time.  

We are also currently working with The New Zealand Trustee and Insolvency Service to have access to bankruptcies.




Duplicated Tenancy Agreements are available at a discount rate to T.I.N.Z. members, who may also download them for free. Tenancy Application forms are available. Our Tenancy Agreements and Tenancy Application forms have the appropriate Privacy Act waivers required to be able to lodgement tenant ratings and conduct checks on your tenants through the T.I.NZ. system. These forms and many others also, are printable from the website under our 'Downloadable Forms' section.


Another service on the site gives members the ability to recommend or search for trades and services in their area.


As you can see we are making this a "one-stop" shop so that everything about a tenant, except for actually doing checks of references and employment history that maybe supplied to you by tenants, can be checked via the T.I.N.Z. system.





Tenancy Information New Zealand Ltd (T.I.N.Z.)

PO Box 105-524, Auckland City, New Zealand.

Ph 0800 TENANT (0800 836 268)

Email: info@tinz.net.nz