"Bray Property Management has always undertaken thorough tenant vetting as part of our process when hiring new tenants. Since moving to TINZ some years ago we are able to operate with more efficiency as we can get very informative reports at the click of a button… quickly!! As diligent property managers we incorporate this process into every tenancy we operate free of charge to our owners. We would recommend to anyone that is in the business of rental property to use this service no hesitation."
Adrian Bray, Director, Bray Property Management

"We recently walked away with Property Management Company Of The Year and I am proud to say and ecstatic to have taken away the property manager of the year as awarded to us by Leading Property Managers of NZ. Success of our business is a result of not only the hard work we put in but, also having the right tools and recourses, one of these being the use of Tenancy Information NZ which I use on a daily basis to make an informed decision when selecting the right tenant. I find TINZ easy to use, it gives me all the information I need with not a great deal of input and time from me. TINZ also have just added an awesome new feature - a tenant score, which I can’t wait to use. As a property manager I know the importance of selecting the right tenant, and TINZ is a great tool to make that process just a little easier."
Shadi Salehpour, LPMNZ Property Manager of the Year 2017, Professionals Lovegrove Realty Ltd

"Click Property Management has been using TINZ credit checking service since early 2010.  We have used other credit checking company’s in the past but did not get as much useful information nor value for money. The dashboard is a great first glimpse indicator to check the credit worthiness of a potential tenant. The friendly support team is also extremely helpful with any queries we may encounter. We fully endorse the TINZ service."
Andrea Elliott, Managing Director, Click Property Management 

"We here at Chase Property Management love using TINZ, and would like to thank them for providing an excellent service and easy to navigate facility. The quick turn around time for credit checks are a real asset to any landlord or property manager who want a thorough credit check on any applicants. The monthly newsletters are also great light reading, keeping us updated and informed. I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't be using TINZ. Once again thank you TINZ you've saved me many rent arrears!!"
Stacey Mooney, Senior Property Management & Owner, Chase Property Management

"I’d also like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we love TINZ!! Smile  I think that any property manager not using this site is almost being negligent in their duties. It’s not very often that Tribunal orders show up but every time they have they have been for people we would have least expected it for. I hope all users are remembering to load 14 day notices. Even though its extra work at the time, I believe it’s worth the trouble in the long run."
Robyn Fantham, Managing Director, Real Property Management Ltd
P.S.  If you ever have a property manager undecided about whether they should be using TINZ I’m happy for you to pass on my details as I’d happily promote this fantastic service!

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