March 2012 Newsletter

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 Landlord tip
 Did you know 1 in 6 prospective tenants fail to pay their bills? Section 56 of the RTA allows property managers to issue a 14 day notice to remedy any breach of the Tenancy agreement. This is best done as soon as humanly possible after the breach has occurred. If need be, follow it up with a Tribunal application. Keep in mind you can apply to the Tenancy Tribunal immediately after serving a 14 day notice, without waiting for the 14 day period to expire. This will shorten up the period that you have to wait to get a hearing. The reasoning is that if your tenant doesn’t remedy the breach in the 14 days then it is likely the rent, will then be in arrears by the minimum 21 calendar days that is required by the Tribunal to terminate the tenancy. Do your best to remain on talking terms while taking a tenant through the RTA processes. How about offering your tenant a lift to the hearing? It cuts out one excuse for them not being there.

  Landlord tip of the month.   If you would like to share a Landlord tip we would love to hear from you at . We are looking for short sharp 1 or 2 paragraph tips which will help us all. If we use your tip in a newsletter there will be a $20 gift in the mail in appreciation for your effort.  :-)


TINZ tips.

  Double the credit for making a lodgment on TINZ

TINZ has been growing exponentially over the last 3 years and for this reason TINZ is now in a position to lower margins even further. Every tenant related lodgment you make onto the TINZ website will now credit your account $2+gst, and every tenant photo lodgment will now credit $1

Your lodgments are always appreciated by someone so feel good about getting paid while you help the next property manager.

In the LODGE menu we have separate pages for lodging ....

  • Tenant ratings - For all tenants, good and bad. Tick box system! Alerts for physical or verbal abuse, manufacturing of drugs. Ratings about general tenant responsibilities.  Do your good tenants a favour. When they leave print them off a copy of the reference you have given them on TINZ.
  • 14 day notices - Very timely. You can lodge them on the same day as you issue a notice, so all landlords and property managers can see you currently have a problem with your tenant even before you get a Tribunal order which could be weeks away..... And why not put an address alert on at the same time so TINZ will advise if they get checked by another landlord ....... They might be ready to do a runner.
  • Tribunal decisions - Important since the Ministry of Justice might not have uploaded a decision and the short time frame they are keeping decisions on-line.

And keep in mind if you use Palace software you can lodge references from right inside your TENANT EDIT page

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Article of Interest 
 Property group wary of new Super Ministry

The NZ Property Investors’ Federation was surprised to hear that the Department of Building and Housing is to be merged into the new Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. >>read more<<


  Market Rents

From DBH.   Check the latest on market rents for your area  here

For a tool to  >> Graph DBH Data <<


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