April 2012 Newsletter

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TINZ members please note Monthly Statements will be a few days late this month. We have been in the process of remodelling our accounting systems and need a bit more testing. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

 Landlord tip
  Landlord and letting agents must keep all Tenancy Application forms for tenants they do checks on as part of the vetting process. This is very important if there is ever a complaint via the OPC (Office of the Privacy Commissioner). You must have the written record stating you have the tenants permission to make the checks you are making. Here is a look at the TINZ Tenancy Application form many of our TINZ members use.

  Landlord tip of the month.   If you would like to share a Landlord tip we would love to hear from you at newsletter@tinz.net.nz . We are looking for short sharp 1 or 2 paragraph tips which will help us all. If we use your tip in a newsletter there will be a $20 gift in the mail in appreciation for your effort.  :-)


TINZ tips.

  Tenants can now load, hold, email or print Tenancy Applications online. Their Application form is kept on-line at TINZ so that you can view it, email, or print, and when you are ready to run a check through TINZ it will self-populate the search page. This means very little typing is required from you. TINZ is giving our members a link where tenants can register for FREE. This means you can have tenants fill in their applications online in your office or from home. Here is the link... http://www.tinz.net.nz/tenantnet/tinz/freetenantregister.jsp 
 Suggest you put it in your favourites. To see an example Tenancy Application, search Fred Flintstone from the SEARCH menu when logged in.

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It remains free for Bulk Uploading available rentals from software to  HousesToRent.co.nz  . Tips for bulk uploading from software >>here

   Suggestion Box.   Many of the improvements we make on the website are directly linked to suggestions from our members. If you think we could do something different or better we would love to hear from you in our   >>Suggestion Box<<

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Article of Interest 
 Property Investors’ welcome most of productivity report into housing

Although initially dubious about the need for another report into Housing Affordability, the NZ Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF) is pleased to have many of its assessments backed up by the Productivity Commission. >>read more<<


  Market Rents

From DBH.   Check the latest on market rents for your area  here

For a tool to  >> Graph DBH Data <<


  We are always happy to hear from you and assist in any way we can. 

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