May 2012 Newsletter

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 Landlord tip
 Be careful with tenants who ask to Bond Transfer from their current tenancy. Landlords and Property managers should be aware that being presented with a signed Bond Transfer form, does not automatically mean that the funds referred to on the form will be transferred to them, as the form might suggest. The bond may get used for arrears or repairs after the tenant has moved on, therefore there is no bond to tranfer to the new landlord. The concept of Bond transfers is to enable a Tenancy Bond to be transferred without the necessity or the inconvenience of a refund followed by a relodgement. It also benefits Tenancy Services because the money stays in the bond fund for longer periods. Many transfers are successful but a smaller number are not and can cause a lot of grief.

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TINZ tips.

  On Application Forms some bad tenants are making slight changes to either their Name or Date of Birth details to get past the TINZ check. Be fastidious about getting the right details on the Tenant Check page. If yours is the first enquiry on the VEDA credit check portion of your search results it often means the details you inputted are wrong and VEDA has started a new file for what it sees as a new person. TINZ recommends taking a close up photo of the tenants ID when they make their application. Input details as it is written on the ID, rather than the tenants application form. And if you do take the photo remember to upload it when you do the Tenant Check and $1 will be discounted from the check.

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Article of Interest 
 Philip Macalister: Market activity to rise

Kiwi investors are set to flock back to the property market, according to the economic outlook included in this year's Budget, although that is not expected to affect prices dramatically. >>read more<<


  Market Rents

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Webinar Promotion

register for webinar Having experience with Aaron Clancy TINZ is happy to announce he will be running a Property Management Marketing webinar on June 14th at 2pm (it will run for around 60 mins)! Aaron co owns and runs his own property management company and also does high level marketing for various property management companies around the country! In this webinar he will cover:

  •  Why you NEED a direct response website
  •  How to utilise the power of Google Local Places
  •  How he turned 6 figures with a basic Search Engine Optimisation strategy
  •  Pay Per Click Advertising - Arbitrage method
  •  Working out your Client Lifetime Value
This will be action packed and you do not want to miss this webinar. NO ONE in New Zealand is implementing on and offline marketing strategies like Aaron and his team are! This will be a FREE webinar for all TINZ newsletter recipients. Be on the call!

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