May 2013 Newsletter

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 Landlord tip
 How do you tell if the landlord reference your prospective tenant has given is real?
It could be aunty down the road? One effective way is to phone the landlord, but not reveal all at the start of the conversation. So when they pick up the phone say something like; “Hello, I have been given your name as a reference for Miss Tenant. Can I ask, what is your relationship with this person?” This will catch out most aunties. Good conversation skills will help you see through the rest. Make sure you do checks on every adult tenant that intends to take up the tenancy,and have them sign the Tenancy Agreement. Then they are all jointly and individually liable for the tenancy. This is very important if one tenant goes bankrupt – you then have the option to chase the other adult tenant(s).

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TINZ tips
 Do you need a current address on a previous tenant? We have an Address Alert feature on the bottom of our lodgement pages. This means you are able to load an errant tenant onto the system and anytime another member submits a search on that tenant you will be emailed an updated address. This feature can also be turned on or off from your personal space in the 'My TINZ' menu where you can find all your previous searches and lodgements.

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 The MOJ website is back up and running so TINZ searches once again include Tribunal information from this source.

 We have made some adjustments to streamline the registration process.
TINZ members cannot use other members accounts to logon.
There is no such thing as a "company account" that everyone can use.  Please note the warning about using someone elses login on the Welcome Page.
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This bedroom will be added to an existing state house. Photo / Sarah Ivey

Article of Interest 

 Plan for big prefab spend

A Housing New Zealand decision to spend $377 million on prefabricated housing over the next three years will create about 225 new jobs mainly in assembly-line construction...    >>read more<<


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