February 2014 Newsletter

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 Landlord tip
 'Smoke alarms save lives' ... and property. All houses including rental accomodation should have smoke alarms installed. The NZ Fire Service recommends you install long-life photoelectric type smoke alarms. They may be a bit more expensive, but the benefits are significant:

  • they provide a minimum of 10 years smoke detection.
  • they remove the frustration of fixing the 'flat battery beeps'.
  • the cost of replacement batteries for standard alarms means the long-life one effectively pays for itself over its lifetime.
  • elderly don't have to scale ladders to replace batteries annually.
  • photoelectric are not so succeptible to false alarms from kitchen smoke.

At a minimum, you should install one standard photoelectric alarm in the hallway closest to the bedrooms. >>Learn more

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TINZ tip.

   If you have had a TINZ tenant check come back without a Drivers License match here are some possible reasons for it being invalid.

  1. License is not current.
  2. License has been disqualified.
  3. Demerit points have exceeded 100 points.
  4. You have incorrect license number or version number.
  5. It is a fake

If you inputted correctly but do not get a Drivers License match, the license holder is able to contact NZ Transport Agency to see why.  Ph 0800 822422

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 Article of Interest

Landlord cover needs strong foundations

 Owners of rentals should proceed with caution, read the fineprint and know the risks when it comes to insuring their property. Insuring your own home is fraught with traps. And it's doubly hard for landlords.
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>> Cheaper power not a general WOF acheives warm homes.  12/2/14
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