October 2016 Newsletter

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 Landlord tip

 Be careful with tenants who ask to bond transfer from their current tenancy. Landlords and Property managers should be aware that being presented with a Bond Transfer form, does not automatically mean that the funds referred to will be transferred to them. The bond may get used for arrears or repairs after the tenant has moved on meaning there is no bond to transfer. Check with the previous landlord to see if they're going to release the bond. The concept of Bond transfers is to enable a Tenancy Bond to be transferred without the necessity or inconvenience of a refund followed by a relodgement. It also benefits MBIE bond centre with less admin and the money stays in the bond fund for longer periods.  Here is a link to MBIE Bond Transfer Form



       TINZ tip 

 Recommend a trade or service. This database is freely available to all members. From the LODGE menu go to the Trades & Service database and say something nice about your plumber, or accountant, or your great lawn mowing man. They will appreciate it, and so will your fellow property managers. Lost your plumber, accountant or lawn mowing man?... have a look and see who someone else might be recommending from the Trades & Service database found in the SEARCH menu.


This months Winner of the Reds is... 
Jennifer Emmerson 
Barnard Proerty Management

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 TINZ enjoyed sponsoring the recent NZPIF conference in New Plymouth and congratulates the MBIE landlord of the year Kathryn Seque.
Here are Kathryn's thoughts on TINZ..
"As a property manager of many rentals I require a reliable and efficient tenant checking service. TINZ can give me all the information I need in 5 minutes flat, meaning I can spend more time finding the right tenant and less time dealing with the bad."

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