June 2017 Newsletter

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 Powerful combination: TINZ and Dun & Bradstreet

  The unbeatable combination of TINZ’s market leading rental information and Dun & Bradstreet’s credit bureau data provides a matchless combination to assess the risk of selecting a new tenant for your property.

 Why Dun & Bradstreet credit check? It’s about capability and the things that matter when checking tenants. The D&B bureau provides extensive credit information to top Utility and Communication suppliers across New Zealand. They trust D&B to assist them to make the best credit decision possible for new applicants. The D&B bureau also provides data from the courts on actions relating to unpaid debts, as well as bankruptcy information, helping you make an informed decision on who to accept in your properties.

Did you know? D&B is the only Bureau with a Debt Collection Service, making them the Market Leader in critical default information.



        TINZ tip 

 Avoid being scammed: The TINZ stress test for tenant checks is better than ever

 TINZ understands a sophisticated approach to tenant checking is required to ensure you have the most comprehensive information when making a decision on prospective tenants. The extensive information in the TINZ database comes directly from your industry peers. In addition to this highly sought after information, we have access to the leading Dun & Bradstreet Bureau as well as over a dozen extra databases instantly, to ensure you have the most complete view.

Remember, only TINZ offer this extensive record and reward you for contributing information on your tenants.



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