September 2017 Newsletter

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 Landlord Tip

c The Tenancy Act states that tenants are required to leave a property "reasonably clean and tidy." Preparing for a vacate inspection starts at the beginning of the tenancy where the tenant is told their tenancy responsibilities including your expectations at the end of the tenancy. Once the tenancy begins your routine inspections should be carried out where these responsibilities and expectations are reinforced, which is  setting the standard for the pending vacate, whenever that will be. When final notice is given the tenant is sent a Cleaning Guide/Checklist. This checklist, accompanied by the entry condition report, is used in determining if the tenant has left the property in a suitable condition compared to the start of the tenancy. If the property has not been left in a suitable condition then the tenant is asked to either return to the property to clean further or engage a cleaner to attend to it. If you do not have a Cleaning Guide/Checklist you can find one in TINZ website under Downloadable Forms.



        TINZ tip 

 Keep your tenants aware of TINZ. We have stickers available which are suitable to be put inside rental properties... perhaps inside the pantry door or kitchen cupboard. The stickers are A6 size and can be ordered from the Products menu. We also have a larger A5 version suitable for office doors. These are high quality vinyl, suitable for internal or external use. Door stickers are an excellent initial deterrent for many problem tenants. We hear many stories about their effectiveness.  To view or order these free stickers visit Forms -->Order Products. 



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