November 2015 Newsletter

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 For the past 20 years most homes in NZ have been insured with a total home replacement policy. Since Canterbury earthquakes things have changed, and we are now more in line with the rest of the world with Sum Insured policies. So, if a house is destroyed the Sum Insured is the maximum the insurer will spend to if a house needs to be rebuilt.
 The onus is on the owner to specify the sum they wish to insure their property for. To make life easier share this helpful >online calculator.

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 On Application Forms some bad tenants make slight changes to either their Name or Date of Birth details to get past the TINZ check. Be fastidious about getting the right details on the Tenant Check page. If yours is the first enquiry on the VEDA credit check portion of your search results it often means the details you inputted are wrong and VEDA has started a new file for what it sees as a new person. TINZ recommends taking a close up photo of the tenants ID when they make their application. Input details as it is written on the ID, rather than the tenants application form. Tenants can legally say that an incorrect spelt name or non-legal name is a reason not to pay a Tribunal order, as it isn’t them. Always get their correct legal name on the tenancy agreement. (e.g. Tony Roberts is not the same as Anthony Roberts). And if you do take the photo remember to upload it when you do the Tenant Check and $1 will be discounted from the checking cost.

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