youi / TINZ  client partnership Rates for Tenant Checking         P. 0800 tenant       E.




Rates are excluding GST.  

Registration Nil
Annual Renewal Nil
Personal Character Check $2.50
The next checks can be grouped with TINZ check mandatory and discounts for doing all checks
TINZ check $12.00
Credit Check & DL verification $15.00
Full DL Check $2.75
Passport Check $2.00
Home Ownership Check $1.50
PPSR Check $3.00
Address Alert $12.00
Company Check


Tenant Lodgement  $4 credit
Photo Lodgement $1 credit

Other benefits ..

♦  Downloadable Printable Tenancy Forms

♦  Integrated online Forms with Palace integration

♦  Discounted Meth services

♦  Stickers in 2 styles suitable for inside rental properties
    or office wall or window.    View Sticker

♦  Trades & Services database


  • Personal Character Check. Includes Tenancy Tribunal orders, Court Orders, Bing,  Facebook, LinkedIn, News sites, Companies Office, Police 10/7, Sensible Sentencing Trust, NZ Gazette, Obituary Results, Interpol etc
    Parameters are able to be changed to research 37 other countries.
  • TINZ Check.  This most important database is well over 300,000 records and includes TINZ tenant ratings,14 Day Notices, Tenancy Tribunal orders and other enquiry data from TINZ members. Also includes any Debt Collection information from CIA, one of NZ's large Tenancy Debt collectors.
  • Credit Check. From Dun & Bradstreet. Shows a general credit history including previous check information. Includes Drivers License verification.
    Learn more about D&B credit checks
  • Full DL check.  The credit check supplies a free Drivers License verification. If this fails you are offered the ability to complete a Full Driver License check from NZTA which generally gives the reason. Information includes a persons Drivers Licence status, class/stage, endorsements, conditions and exemptions.
  • Passport Check.  Verifies NZ and AU passports
  • Home Ownership records.  From Core Logic showing current Home Ownership records.
  • PPSR Check. Searches details of security interests in personal property from the Personal Property and Security register. ie. Hire purchase on vehicles or chattles.
  • A Alert (Address Alert).  An added function when you lodge a 14 Day Notice or Tenancy Tribunal Order on T.I.N.Z. You can use this feature to ask the system to automatically email you if your tenant is checked by another member. You will be emailed current and proposed address and the name of the new Property manager.
  • Example 1. If you lodge a 14 Day Notice for not paying rent, and then the tenant is checked by another member an email will tell you that your tenant is intending to move, where they are intending moving to and who with
    • Example 2. If you lodge a Tenancy Tribunal Order online and the tenant still owes arrears, an email will be sent to you next time they are checked on TINZ giving you an updated address and a new contact..
  • Company Check. Returns TINZ check plus Companies Office extract plus Commercial credit check
  • Tenant Lodgements. All tenant lodgements credit your account. Lodge tenant ratings on all tenants. Lodge 14 day notices which can be very timely. Lodge Tenancy Tribunal orders on TINZ. The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) database, does not host all Tenancy Tribunal orders. It is at the adjudicators discretion whether or not the order will go online and they only stay on their system 3 years. 
  • Photo Lodgements. Credit your account. The best photo is a close up of their photo id. Should the tenancy ever go sour debt collectors or baliffs appreciate a photo.