Learn about Tenancy Risk Score

Our Tenancy Risk Score provides greater risk assessment accuracy compared to a standard credit score because it uses a combination of both credit bureau data and tenancy data

This gives property managers and landlords a simple and reliable indicative score that summarises how much risk each prospective tenant poses. 

A higher Tenancy Risk Score is desirable. A good, low-risk tenant will have a Tenancy Risk Score that is more than 500.

Here are the Key Influencing Factors that may affect a tenant's Tenancy Risk Score.
  • Demographic profile (previous addresses, income, age, etc)
  • Volume of credit applications within the previous 24 months
  • Length of credit history
  • Presence of adverse credit history (Court Judgements, Payment Defaults, Bankruptcies, Collections, Serious Credit Infringements)
  • Recency of previous credit applications
  • Type of previous credit applications
  • Tenant Ratings (poor or excellent)
  • Volume of Tenancy Tribunal Orders lodged
  • Volume of 14 Day Notices lodged
  • Any warnings loaded if tenant verbally or physically abused landlord/property manager, owned a dangerous dog, or other antisocial behaviour while in a tenancy