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New Zealand's comprehensive tenancy database.

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illion Tenancy provides professional property managers and private landlords the online service to perform tenant credit checking 24/7 with immediate reports.  This makes finding a good tenant fast and efficient, while avoiding tenants with poor tenancy and credit history.

As New Zealand's comprehensive tenancy database, commonly referred to as the national bad tenant register, illion Tenancy also provides the database for property managers and landlords to lodge their experiences with tenants online. Promote good tenants and warn of the bad tenants! 

You will earn account credits for each tenant lodgement which can reduce your tenant checking costs.


Comprehensive Online Tenant Checking Solution

Tenancy Check

Searches New Zealand's comprehensive tenant database for 7 years of tenancy history including Tenant Ratings, drug use warnings, 14 day notices, Tenancy Tribunal orders, previous tenant checks and tenancy addresses from property managers and landlords.

Also includes any tenancy debt collection history.

Credit Check

Provides a general credit history including payment defaults, serious credit infringements, credit application and previous enquiry history. 

Each credit check report comes with our unique Tenancy Risk Score and a driver's licence verification to ensure your applicant has supplied you with their correct personal information.

Public Check

Searches over a dozen sources including Tribunal orders on the Ministry of Justice, Court Judgments, Facebook, LinkedIn, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Register, Google, Bing, News sites, Companies Office records, Police 10/7, Parole Board, Sensible Sentencing Trust, Interpol, and NZ Gazette. Read more

MOJ Fines Search

Ministry of Justice Fines searches enable you to check whether your applicant has any outstanding fines issued by local councils, the Police, and other authorities that can issue infringement fees.

PPSR Check

Searches details of security interests in personal property from the Personal Property and Securities Register (e.g., Hire purchase on vehicles or chattels).

Property Ownership Records

Searches property ownership records from CoreLogic for a history of property owned.

Full Drivers Licence Check

The credit check supplies a free Driver Licence verification. If this returns a 'no' match, you are offered the ability to complete a Full Driver Licence check from NZTA which generally provides further information, including status, class/stage, endorsements, conditions and exemptions.

Passport Verification

Verifies New Zealand and Australian passports to confirm you have the correct identification information from your applicant.

Commercial Company Check

Provides a commercial credit check, Tenancy Check, plus Companies Office records extract.

Lodge Good and Bad Tenants Online

Upload your good and bad tenants on the illion Tenancy tenant database.
Our peer-to-peer information sharing service will help property managers and landlords to avoid tenants with poor tenancy history, while promoting tenants with good tenancy history.

Tenant Ratings

Offer tenant ratings and warnings on tenants at the end of their tenancy. 

Tribunal Orders

Lodge tenancy tribunal orders when you have won a tribunal hearing.

14 Day Notices

Lodge 14 day notices on your tenant's tenancy record for tenancy breaches.

Get paid for your tenancy information!
We offer credits on your account for each tenant lodgement

Integrated Online
Tenancy Application.

TenancyTracker lets tenants apply online for properties easily, so property managers can work through applications, and perform tenant checking quicker. 

All your live listings on Trade Me Property are synced with TenancyTracker.

Add "Apply Now" buttons to the properties on your website to simplify the tenancy application process for everyone.

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Create custom agreements  
Choose from a selection of clauses and customise to your particular needs.

Tenant Checks
Complete all your important background checks through illion Tenancy without double handling.

Export to Palace software  
Create the tenancy, the tenant, and attach all documents with one click.

Tenancy forms

Tenancy Forms

We have dozens of tenancy related forms including Tenancy Agreements, Tenancy Application forms, Property Inspection Reports, cleaning guides and more, which are freely available for download to members. 

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