visit websiteWe recently walked away with property management company of the year and I am proud to say and ecstatic to have taken away the property manager of the year as awarded to us by Leading Property managers of NZ. Success of our business is a result of not only the hard work we put in but, also having the right tools and recourses, one of these being the use of tenancy information NZ which I use on a daily basis to make an informed decision when selecting the right tenant. I find TINZ easy to use, it gives me all the information I need with not a great deal of input and time from me. Tinz also have just added an awesome new feature - a tenant score, which I can’t wait to use. As a property manager I know the importance of selecting the right tenant, and Tinz is a great tool to make that process just a little easier.

Shadi Salehpour - LPMNZ Property Manager of the Year 2017
Professionals Lovegrove Realty Ltd

visit Bray Property ManagementBray property management has always undertaken thorough tenant vetting as part of our process when hiring new tenants. Since moving to TINZ some years ago we are able to operate with more efficiency as we can get very informative reports at the click of a button… quickly!!. As diligent property managers we incorporate this process into every tenancy we operate free of charge to our owners. We would recommend to anyone that is in the business of rental property to use this service no hesitation.

Adrian Bray 
Bray Property Management

visit Aspire websiteAspire Property Management is a market leader in Auckland Property Management: We do not offer tenancies to anyone until we have carried out a TINZ check. If your current agent is not using them they are putting you at risk. All of our property managers use TINZ and find it a very easy to use and reliable service. We love that it provides a way for property managers nationwide to share information about possible problem tenants.

Mike Atkinson - Managing Director
Aspire Property Management

visit Goodwin websiteOur use of TINZ credit checks as a key component of our application process; particularly now that TINZ incorporates Tenancy Tribunal Judgements to its consolidated report, sets us well ahead of the reports available from standard financial credit-check agencies. I emphasise this benefit to all new clients. We are also vigilant in contributing detail of defaulting tenants to the benefit of all TINZ subscribers.

Catherine Goodwin
Goodwin Realty Ltd
(Ed. Goodwin Realty won the LPMNZ National Property Management Agency of the Year 2014 )

visit Chase websiteWe here at Chase Property Management love using TINZ, and would like to thank them for providing an excellent service and easy to navigate facility. The quick turn around time for credit checks are a real asset to any landlord or property manager who want a thorough credit check on any applicants. The monthly news letters are also great light reading, keeping us updated and informed.I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't be using TINZ. Once again Thank you TINZ you've saved me many rent arrears!!

Stacey Mooney
Chase Property Management

visit Real I’d also like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we love TINZ!! Smile  I think that any property manager not using this site is almost being negligent in their duties.  It’s not very often that Tribunal orders show up but every time they have they have been for people we would have least expected it for.
I hope all users are remembering to load 14 day notices.  Even though its extra work at the time, I believe it’s worth the trouble in the long run.

Robyn Fantham - Managing Director
Real Property Management Ltd
P.S.  If you ever have a property manager undecided about whether they should be using TINZ I’m happy for you to pass on my details as I’d happily promote this fantastic service!

visit Rental Managers websiteRental Managers uses TINZ for all their credit checking. The service is extremely easy to use and is priced competitively. The results are detailed and provide a good overall credit picture of the prospective tenant. If you are not using a dedicated credit checking facility like TINZ, then Rental Managers highly recommend you do. Make informed decisions when putting tenants into your properties!

Aaron Clancy 
Rental Managers

visit Rented.org.nzRented.org.nz is a property management company dedicated to providing its clients A1 service – TINZ really helps us do this at the pivotal point of finding a sound tenant for our clients properties.
Rented.org.nz has been using TINZ since we opened our doors and are simply a part of the business model. What I like about TINZ from a personal view point is they are focused heavily on the industry, our needs and then also as supporters of national conferences such as REINZ and LPMNZ.
Ian – you and your team have a great product and great service to boot and I would and do happily recommend you.

Hamish Turner - Business Owner and Principal
(Ed. Hamish is also one of NZ's top Property Management Consultants at www.hamishturner.co.nz . TINZ feels priviledged to have this endorsement) 
I am an independent Property Manager who finds illion Tenancy a wonderful resource for undertaking my tenant checks prior to selection. However, the best part of illion Tenancy is your customer service. When the business changed its name from TINZ to illion Tenancy, I struggled for a while but with your customer service team on the end of the phone I soon mastered it. They are calm, reassuring and explain the processes so clearly. If there are any questions, they are only too happy to help and immediately solves them. A service is only as good as its employees and you have an invaluable team. Kind regards.

June Savege

I'm glad to hear that TINZ has gained New Zealand countrywide reputation. I am really proud of being a user/member of TINZ.  
I am an IT professional and I have been doing property investment for many years. My partner and I established a rental house company (CCTM Rental Homes Limited) in 2004. We did not know TINZ until late 2009. Since then we started using your service and have always appreciated your services, in particular, the credit check/tenancy rating facilities. Your credit check reporting system allows landlords to find reliable tenants. I have recommended TINZ to my IT colleagues (landlords) and my investor friends. 
You may not believe that many property investors/landlords in Auckland Chinese community never know how to select tenants. They are good at buying rental houses but bad at managing tenancies. They have heard about credit check system, but never know where and how to do it. These Chinese landlords rely on their luck to find good tenants but luck doesn't help at all. As soon as I introduce TINZ to them, they immediately start to appreciate it. They told me that if they had known TINZ before, they would have already avoided lots of trouble.  
Thank you so much!

Larry Chi - 
Project Manager at RAMM Software Limited
Director of CCTM Rental Homes Limited

HousemartHousemart has been using TINZ for a couple of years now. We couldn’t do our business without them. Searches are instant and the money is very well spent. Its far easier to decline a tenant before they move in than evict them when it goes wrong!

Colleen Topping - Senior Property Manager
HouseMart Queenstown and Wanaka 

visit websiteI have used TINZ since I first started property renting and it has proved to be invaluable. The online credit check is hassle free, the result is instant and the reports are detailed, which makes my work of candidate selection that much easier and less time consuming.
The times when I am unsure about any situation and called TINZ, there was never a long wait, the staffs are very helpful and pleasant to talk to.
The TINZ website contents everything a landlord would need to run a smooth renting operation, whether it’s ‘how to’ or ‘what is’ the website will guide you through. I have recommended TINZ and will continue to do so.

Cynthia Bargrove
for The Bargrove Trust

visit YPMSWe have tried various tenancy screening services, TINZ is by far the most indepth and thorough service for tenancy screening we have used. TINZ gives us great piece of mind that we're getting the best quality tenant we can source for our valued home owners.

Ashley - Property Manager 
Youngs Property Management Solutions

visit Click Click Property Management has been using TINZ credit checking service since early 2010.  We have used other credit checking company’s in the past but did not get as much useful information nor value for money.  The dashboard is a great first glimpse indicator to check the credit worthiness of a potential tenant.  The friendly support team is also extremely helpful with any queries we may encounter. We fully endorse the TINZ service.

Andrea Elliott - Managing Director 
Click Property Management     
(Ed. Andrea was voted REINZ Property Manager of the year. Well done Andrea!)

Just wanted to say what a great service you supply and how glad I am that I stumbled on you! Your newsletter is always full of relevant and topical information, excellent tips and useful links (such as market rents). I would recommend you to anyone.

R.M. Wellington

We are very impressed with your wholly 'customer first' attitude to our request, despite the fact we mucked up. You have been first class. 

Trish Ward

Really great service - this check showed an adverse history with a tribunal order for this prospective tenant - which we wouldn't have known had I not subscribed to this service. I will definitely be advocating your business to customers and colleagues! 

Helen Little

We, at Gillies Group Property Management have been using the TINZ website for about 5 months now, at first the Property Managers were a bit reluctant as we were already using baycorp checking etc, but after a few tenants came back with not only a record on baycorp but also a Tribunal Order they were hooked. It is quick and easy to use, we just love the invoices that come straight away because it means our invoicing is handled as it comes in rather than trying to mark them all off at the end of the month. We have now started to load all our tenants on to the TINZ website as they leave us, both our good ones and our more difficult ones. Thanks Tinz and keep up the good work.

Mandy Grainger - Operations Manager
Gillies Group Property Management

I am writing this to complement you on being so helpful. Although you must deal with lots of clients, when you do anything for me you are always super efficient and always follow things through to obtain a satisfactory outcome.  Thank you very much Cody. 

Pam, Rental Department
Rex Davy Real Estate Limited MREINZ
You are awesome!!! I used to use Tenant link - but your service & support is superior :-)


Thank you very much for providing a great service and keep on the good work.

Vinko Buzak

At last, somewhere where we can get some "real" feedback on tenants.  Credit checks don't provide information on tenants who have been problematic but don't reach the status of bad debtors, written references as we all know can be manufactured and even verbal checks can be awkward if previous landlords don't wish to be negative.  Your tick system is straight forward and simple but so very useful. Keep up the good work.

Connie Strong
Ray White Browns Bay

Many thanks for the service you are providing – I find it very useful  


I would just like to say thank you for setting this up. As a property manager I will be using your website regularly and I am happy that their will finally be a place for landlords to report their bad tenants and avoid others getting into trouble.Well done.

Claudia Hawes
First National Progressive Realty, Christchurch

Your service is always great - much appreciated! 
Sheree Henderson - Property Manager
C M Real Estate Ltd

We run a large portfolio and appreciate some sort of check for tenants and would love to be able to register the naughty ones somewhere for other NZers to be aware!!

Yvonne Westerman 
Westerman First National Ltd, Taupo  

What a great service you offer.   Many thanks.

Dianne Bromhead - Managing Director
Corporate Relocation Specialists Ltd, Hamilton

Thank you for the opportunity to join your database. We have a rental portfolio of approximately 180 homes and tenants are always a concern when they move towns.

Jenny Judd - Property Manager
Taranaki Farmers First National Real Estate MREINZ

Tenancy Agreements received thankyou, very impressed they are very sharp.
Can you please let me know when the new print is in stock, or better still just send me off 100 of them.


Many thanks for all your efforts in setting this site up. I hope everyone will support your efforts. With the help of others we might be able to put a stop to the serial bad tenants!

Tricia Gilbert - Property Manager
Ray White Right Move Realty, Kaiapoi

 Thank you for the tenancy agreements. I really like your prompt service - very impressive.

Diana Benfell

Hi Tinz Team
Just wanted to pass on to you how much we enjoy reading your newsletters!  They aren’t the same old newsletters that we just delete and never read…. we actually find yours very interesting!
Thanks a bunch for your great service always. 


Most rental agencies in NZ support illion Tenancy including but not limited to...

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