Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the common questions we get asked are below. We believe our services are market leading and we’re always happy to answer your questions. If you have a question not answered here please contact us

Does illion Tenancy have a large database from which we can source information?

illion Tennacy has New Zealand’s largest tenancy database, commonly referred to as the national 'bad tenant register' with hundreds of thousands of tenant records which are constantly being enhanced and updated. We use our own database, plus over 20 external database sources. View our comprehensive online Tenant Checking solution

Is illion Tenancy expensive?

No, in fact we often pay you! It’s far easier to decline a tenant before they move in than evict them when it goes wrong so it’s worth this investment. Click here for our Pricing Schedule for combined tenancy & inquiry database credit checks. We also pay property managers and landlords to load information about tenants. We will provide a credit for any tenant “lodgement”. That is, we’ll pay property managers to lodge tenant ratings, tenancy tribunal orders, and 14 day notices online

Does illion Tenancy have tenancy forms?

Yes. All the relevant tenancy forms from tenant applications, tenancy agreements to cleaning guides, are freely available for download once you log in to our website.

Do I need two credit checks?

Competitors may offer the choice of two credit check companies. We believe you only need one complete credit check company. illion has been one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading sources of commercial information and insight for 130 years. Also, unlike our competitors, illion Tenancy has built a peer-to-peer tenancy sharing database by paying property managers for tenancy information. The illion Tenancy database is commonly referred to as the national 'bad tenant' register and is constantly growing and being updated.

Do you only offer tenant checking?

No, illion Tenancy has NZ's largest tenancy database and provides comprehensive Tenant Checking. Our Tenant Check offers the ability to search of a dozen sources simultanously with an immediate Tenant Check report provided to you onscreen. We also provide the facility for property managers and landlords to load information on their own good and/or bad tenants on the illion Tenancy database. Added member benefits are access to all the necessary tenancy forms and discounted rates for debt collection services

How can I keep up to date?

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