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What is illion Tenancy?

Tenancy is New Zealand’s largest tenancy database, allowing property managers and landlords to screen tenants online through various sources with immediate results.

Our comprehensive Tenant Check report is drawn from a wide range of sources.

  • Tenancy Risk Score (combination of credit and tenancy data)
  • Tenancy Database (information from property managers and landlords)
  • Bureau Credit Check
  • Ministry of Justice fines
  • Property Ownership Records
  • Personal Property & Securities Reigster
  • Plus a dozen public databases:
    Tenancy Tribunal orders, Court Judgements, Facebook, LinkedIn, Various Google and Bing searches, News sites, Companies office, Insolvency & Instalment Order Register, Police 10/7, Parole Board, NZ Gazette, Obituary results, Interpol  

What are the benefits?

  • Security of knowing the background of your tenant
  • Avoid tenants with poor tenancy and credit history
  • It is easier to decline a tenant before they move in
  • Less property repairs and rent arrears
  • Load your good and bad tenants on the Tenancy database
  • Tenancy forms at your fingertips

Why join us?

  • Peace of mind and stress-free tenancies.
  • Online services available 24/7
  • Cost-effective tenant screening
  • Customers of AMP register today to receive 50% off your illion Tenancy subscription