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Is your prospective tenant listed as a good or bad tenant?

We provide Comprehensive Tenant Checks for members of the NZ Property Investors Federation from only $23 so you can select the best tenants and avoid tenants with poor tenancy and credit records.

Our Tenant Checks are much more than a basic credit check.

Tenant Checks through illion Tenancy include a credit check and a tenancy history check. Tenancy Checks can provide you up to 7 years of tenancy history on your prospective tenant such as Tenant Ratings, 14 Day Notices, Tenancy Tribunal orders, warnings about tenants who have had abandoned their tenancies, used rentals for manufacturing methamphetamine, been physically abusive, and more. Plus, a history record of Tenant Checks done from other property managers and landlords.

Our Tenant Check reports come with our unique Tenancy Risk Score on your prospective tenant. This score provides greater risk assessment accuracy compared to a standard credit score because it uses a combination of both credit bureau data and tenancy data.

This gives property managers and landlords a simple and reliable indicative score that summarises how much risk each prospective tenant poses. The higher the score, the lower the risk!

Tenant Percentile Rank will also come with our Tenant Check report which gives you a guide on how your prospective tenant's Tenancy Risk Score compares with that of other tenants.

Don’t get stuck with a tenant who has a poor tenancy history or a poor credit record.

How to do a Tenant Check:

1. Login in at www.illiontenancy.co.nz
2. Go to the Search menu and select Tenant Check
3. Enter the tenant's details into the online form and click search

Watch our 2 minute tutorial video below on Tenant Checking for more information.

Promote your good tenants and shut down the bad! 

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Tenant Checking Tutorial