We understand that many property investors like to take a do-it-yourself approach. This is why illion Tenancy welcomes private landlords to join, so that they have access to the same tools that professional property managers use in the process of selecting good tenants and avoiding bad tenants.

Our recommendation for private landlords is to join their local Property Investors Association.
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We have a partnership with the New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) and Capital Property Investors Association (CPIA) to offer their members complimentary membership with illion Tenancy, plus discounted tenant checking prices.

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 Tenant Checking Innovation

Introducing Tenancy Risk Score

Unique to the Property Management industry, illion Tenancy introduced a new benchmark for tenant checking with the Tenancy Risk Score.

Our Tenancy Risk Score provides greater risk assessment accuracy compared to a standard credit score because it uses a combination of both credit bureau data and tenancy data. Tenancy Risk Score will be included in the full Tenant Check report, showing the relevant information which is contributing to the score.

This gives property managers and landlords a simple and reliable indicative score that summarises how much risk each prospective tenant poses. Also included is a Tenant Percentile Rank as a comparison guide with other tenants.

A higher Tenancy Risk Score is desirable. A good, low-risk tenant will have a Tenancy Risk Score of 500 and above. Here is an example.


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