Member Benefits

Comprehensive Tenant Checking

Tenancy Check. This most important database is well over 380,000 records and includes Tenant Ratings, 14 Day Notices, Tenancy Tribunal orders and other inquiry data from property managers and private landlords. Also includes any Debt Collection information

Credit Check. Shows a general credit history including previous check information. Includes Drivers License verification

PPSR Check. Searches details of security interests in personal property from the Personal Property and Security register. ie. Hire purchase on vehicles or chattels

Full DL Check. The credit check supplies a free Drivers License verification. If this fails you are offered the ability to complete a Full Driver License check from NZTA which generally gives the reason. Information includes a persons Drivers Licence status, class/stage, endorsements, conditions and exemptions

Passport Check. Verifies NZ and AU passports

Home Ownership records. From Core Logic showing current Home Ownership records

Public Check. Includes Tenancy Tribunal orders, Court Orders, Bing,  Facebook, LinkedIn, News sites, Companies Office, Police 10/7, Sensible Sentencing Trust, NZ Gazette, Obituary Results, Interpol etc. Parameters are able to be changed to research 37 other countries

Company Check. Returns Tenancy check plus Companies Office extract plus Commercial credit check

Tenancy Risk Score

Tenancy Risk Score (TRS) and Tenant Percentile Rank with each Tenancy Check report

Using a combination of credit bureau data plus tenancy data into an easy to read, easy to understand, comprehensive and accurate Tenancy Risk Score

Unique to the property management industry and only available to members

Lodge Good and Bad Tenants

Our service is commonly known as New Zealand's bad tenant register. This is because we provide the peer-to-peer sharing of tenant information:
  • Tenant Ratings
  • 14 Day Notices
  • Tenancy Tribunal Orders
  • Tenants Declined due to poor tenancy and/or credit history
Earn a $4.60 credit on your account for each tenant lodgement!

Tenancy Forms

Download or Order Tenancy Agreements

Download tenancy application forms to cover your Privacy consents, and various other tenancy forms

Tenancy Debt Collection

No debt registration fee

Commission only charged when your debtor starts repaying the debt

District Court enforcement of debt

Debtor tracing

Meth Testing

We have a national network of companies who offer discounts to members for meth testing services.