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Getting heating right

 Heating requirements for rental properties are currently a source of confusion for many landlords and property managers so REINZ has issued a reminder of what is required.    (Source:

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Property managers hit renters with 'new tenant fee'

 Fees being charged by property management companies when rental tenants got a new flatmate are being questioned. From December 2018, letting fees have been illegal.    (Source: Stuff)

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Tenant punished after renting landlord's granny flat out without permission

A woman has narrowly missed getting kicked out of her rental home in South Auckland after allegedly breaking into her landlord's granny flat and renting it out while the owner was overseas.    (Source: NZ Herald)

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Defining clean and tidy

The issue of exactly how clean and tidy rental properties should be when tenants vacate has long been a battleground but a recent Tenancy Tribunal decision provides some guidance.     (Source:

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Ministry of Justice fines searches

 In October 2019 we launched the Ministry of Justice fines searches. This enables you to check whether your applicant has any outstanding fines issued by local councils, the police, and other authorities that can issue infringement fees for disorderly behaviour or theft, speeding, Illegal parking, drink-driving, not registering a dog. Outstanding fines may impact a tenant’s ability to pay rent and may result in the tenant abandoning the tenancy address to avoid debt collectors or Court Bailiffs who are chasing payment of the fine.



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