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Tenancy Tribunal's message for landlords who evict tenants out of spite

 Two landlords who tried to evict a tenant who complained about a dilapidated home to health authorities have been ordered to pay her $2850 in exemplary damages. The tribunal can award exemplary damages of up to $4000 against landlords who take retaliatory action against tenants.     (Source: Stuff)

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Renters pocket $124,000 as landlords fail to insulate rentals

 Renters taking their landlords to court for breaking insulation laws have pocketed more than $124,000 in fines. Health experts and a leading property manager have praised the fines, saying there could be up to 10 times more landlords still breaking the laws.     (Source: NZ Herald)

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Rental contaminated, not damaged by meth

Establishing meth contamination of a rental property, and working out the penalties for any damage, can be a complex business these days - as a recent Tenancy Tribunal decision illustrates.     (Source:

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Tenants must pay $50,000 after living rent-free in North Shore beach side property

Tenants who lived rent-free for 10 months in a waterfront property on Auckland's North Shore are now being ordered to pay $50,000. The tribunal found the arrangement involved the necessary elements of a tenancy agreement.     (Source: Stuff)

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Driver Licence Verifications

 You must get the correct name and date of birth for an applicant in order to be supplied an accurate Tenant Check report. To ensure you do, it's important to get photo identification from every applicant. The most common form of photo identification is a New Zealand driver's licence. Our credit checks includes driver licence verifications on your applicants, which will confirm whether they have supplied you with their correct name and date of birth by matching it with the information NZTA have on their database. 



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