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Landlords sound alarm over 'unlawful acts' in tenancy law reform

 Landlords who do not respond to their tenants' written request for a change to the fixtures in their rental properties will have committed an unlawful act and be liable for a penalty of up to $1,500 under planned new rules.     (Source: Stuff)

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National would ditch proposed rental regulations

 The Government’s controversial tenancy law reforms would be among the first regulations National would throw on to the regulations “bonfire” it is planning if elected. Most notably for landlords, they include rules making it difficult to remove problematic tenants.     (Source:

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'Unaware' boarding house landlords need to check the law

Landlords of rental properties where tenants have individual tenancy agreements to rent single rooms, and which also provide shared facilities such as a bathroom or kitchen to six people or more, are operating a boarding house but may not be aware of it.     (Source: Tenancy Services)

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Housing shortage: Single mum claims landlord demanding extortionate rent for substandard property

Tenants who lived rent-free for 10 months in a waterfront property on Auckland's North Shore are now being ordered to pay $50,000. The tribunal found the arrangement involved the necessary elements of a tenancy agreement.     (Source: NZ Herald)

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False details on tenancy application forms

 On tenancy application forms, some bad tenants make slight changes to their details to get past the Tenant Checks. Be diligent about getting the right details to input on the Tenant Check page. We recommend requesting a photo of the tenant's driver's licence or passport when they make their application. Input their details as it is written on the photo identification. Tenant Checks through illion Tenancy can verify NZ driver's licences and NZ or Australian Passports to ensure your prospective tenant has given you their correct name and date of birth. It's always best practice to have their correct legal name on the tenancy agreement. (e.g. Tony Roberts is not the same as Anthony Roberts). 



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