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Navigating level two: what landlords need to know

 With around 95% of businesses now back at work and children returning to schools, New Zealand is now fully ensconced in alert level two. So, what does that mean for residential landlords?     (Source:

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Tenant booted out of home during lockdown following Tenancy Tribunal order

 Tenants who offered drugs to workers, abused others, played music excessively loud and broke Covid-19 laws were kicked out of their home during the lockdown. The landlord wanted the tenant gone after numerous reports and a warning, before taking up the issue with the Tenancy Tribunal.     (Source:

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Tenant must pay $29k for damage and methamphetamine clean-up

The report said the property was contaminated and should not be occupied. Chemical levels analysed after the decontamination process also showed it was likely the property had been used to manufacture the drug due to the high levels that were identified.     (Source:

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Rent increase freeze to change the market

Lockdown restrictions made for an inevitable slowdown in the rental market in April but Trade Me Property’s new data highlights questions over the future direction of the market.     (Source:

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Share your Tenant Ratings and warnings

 Our Tenant Rating system gives you the ability to rate a tenant on key areas of their tenancy. You can also load warning alerts regarding drug use, or perhaps you have been verbally or physically abused by a tenant. Let the next property manager or landlord know about it by using our Tenant Rating system. Find it under the Lodge > Tenant Rating menu. You can also lodge a Tenant Rating on a tenant whom you have previously done a tenant check on via the My Account > My Tenant Checks menu, here the Tenant Rating form will be automatically populated with the tenant's details. Each lodgement earns you a $4.60 credit on your account and enters you into the draw to win a bottle of wine!



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Every lodgement enters the next draw.

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Lodgement references must be submitted on illion Tenancy's website under the Lodge menu. Lodgements must be made in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

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