Call for rent caps after freeze ends

When New Zealand went alert level four lockdown back in March, the Government introduced a temporary freeze on rent increases in a bid to support people through the uncertainty. Six months on, the rent increase freeze was ended on September 26 and that’s likely to see rent rises for many tenants.    (Source:

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Landlord's costly move to take off main door before 
home wrecked

A landlord who removed a front door to a rental property before it was ransacked, and threatened jail time if the tenants didn't move out within 16 days, must pay thousands in compensation.    (Source:

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New rental laws will have unexpected outcomes

Some of the tenancy law reforms will have unintended consequences and cause more harm than good, REINZ is warning. However, REINZ does welcome some of the positive provisions in the reforms. These include the banning of rent bidding, limiting rent increases to once a year and enabling tenants to make minor changes to a rental.    (Source:

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Boom time!! Why the future of Property Management 
is looking up

The Property Management industry could be set for unprecedented growth and Real-iQ explains why.    (Source:

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Tenancy Risk Score

Unique to the Property Management industry, illion Tenancy set the benchmark for tenant checking by the combining of credit bureau data, plus tenancy data into a simple, comprehensive and accurate Tenancy Risk Score (TRS). Along with the TRS will be the Tenancy Risk Report which shows the relevant information which is contributing to the score.



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