Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2020 - further changes now in force

The changes will affect both tenants and landlords. They’ve been made to modernise New Zealand's rental laws and align them with the present-day realities of renting.     (Source:

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Landlords' concerns about new tenancy laws based on 'misinformation' - tenant group

A tenants' rights group is dismissing landlords' concerns they won't be able to evict unruly tenants, saying there's been a lot of "misinformation" spread about how the new laws work.     (Source:

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Landlord privacy crackdown: Spotlight on secret rental 'blacklists'

The Privacy Commissioner is cracking down on privacy breaches by landlords after tenants were ordered to produce bank statements to secure homes or placed on secret "blacklists".     (Source:

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Landlords getting rid of tenants before new rules set in, advocacy group says

A tenants' advocacy group says renters are increasingly having their tenancies prematurely ended, as landlords make moves before new rules set in. One of the most significant changes is the ending of 90-day tenancy terminations without justification.      (Source:

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14 Day Notice Lodgements

When you issue a 14 Day Notice to a tenant in breach of their tenancy agreement, lodge it on the illion Tenancy website under the Lodge > Tenant 14 Day Notice. You can select the 'Address Alert' option to notify you if your tenant is looking to move on without giving you notice - this is a great early warning system. If they are subsequently tenant checked by another property manager, illion Tenancy will warn you by email that they are looking to move. The 'Address Alert' also sends you the prospective address if you are needing to contact them. eg. serve them a notice of a Court hearing for rent arrears. When you lodge a 14 Day Notice your account receives a monetary credit.



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Terms and Conditions:

Lodgement references must be submitted on illion Tenancy's website under the Lodge menu. Lodgements must be made in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

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Removal of the no-cause 90-day termination not working