Changes to how tenancies can end

Changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 (the Act) affect how tenancies can be ended. The changes have been made to give tenants more security in their homes.     (Source:

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Scrapping tax deductibility not the way to go

Under the Government’s latest changes, rental property owners will no longer be able to deduct mortgage interest from their expenses. This change will take effect from October 1 for properties bought after March 27. For properties bought before that date, deductibility will be phased out over the next four years.     (Source:

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Tenants to pay for 'incredibly high' levels of meth contamination

Two tenants have been ordered to pay $29,468 in damages and compensation after their rental property was found to contain “incredibly high” levels of methamphetamine contamination.     (Source:

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'Bizarre, crazy' - Landlords shocked at Government's housing plans

Landlord bosses have expressed shock and dismay at today's Government announcement to axe interest deductions on rental properties. The sums involved could be tens of millions of dollars, Andrew King (NZ Property Investors Federation president) said, and that would now be lost to landlords, already struggling under Residential Tenancies Act changes from last month which swung the power in tenants' favour.      (Source:

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Ministry of Justice fines searches

These enable you to check whether your tenant has any outstanding fines issued by local councils, the police, and other authorities that can issue infringement fees for disorderly behaviour or theft, speeding, illegal parking, drink-driving, or not registering a dog. Outstanding fines may impact a tenant’s ability to pay rent which in some instances may result in the tenant abandoning the tenancy address to avoid debt collectors or Court Bailiffs who are chasing payment of the fine.



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