Landlords could face jail if they form rent cartels

Landlords teaming up to raise rents en masse in response to the new tax rules could potentially end up behind bars. "Cartel conduct harms consumers through higher prices or reduced quality, and it harms other businesses which are trying to compete fairly," said Commerce Commission chair Anna Rawlings.     (Source:

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Eviction notice oversteps tenants’ rights – results in damages

Exemplary damages of $600 have been awarded against a landlord who tried to evict tenants after a row over ceiling insulation and other property repairs.     (Source:

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Landlord ordered to pay after taking three months to fix toilets

A landlord who left tenants with broken toilets for more than three months has been ordered to pay $670 for delays in repairs to the property. Staff changes, delays with tradespeople, difficultly sourcing parts and Covid-19 restrictions had contributed to the delays in getting the work done, the landlord said.     (Source:

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Rents skyrocket again

Rents hit an all-time high last month increasing 6% to a median of $540 a week. It is the biggest year-on-year increase in two-and-a-half years, the latest Trade Me Rental Price Index shows.      (Source:

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Driver Licence Verifications

You must get the correct name and date of birth for an applicant in order to be supplied an accurate Tenant Check report. To ensure you get an accurate Tenant Check Report, always ask for photo identification from every applicant. The most common form of photo identification is a New Zealand driver's licence. As part of a Tenant Check, we use credit checks which includes checking driver licence verifications on your applicants to confirm whether your applicant has supplied you with their correct name and date of birth by matching it with the information NZTA have on their database.



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