Call to exempt long-term tenancies from new rental tax rules

If the Government wants to make life better for renters it should exempt landlords providing long-term tenancies from its new interest deductibility rule, a property management consultant says.     (Source:

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Landlord warns others to follow rules after tenants leave her $6000 out of pocket

After being embroiled in a tenancy dispute leaving her $6000 out of pocket, a landlord is warning others to follow tenancy rules - and to understand whether their insurance covers intentional tenant damage.     (Source:

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Tenant gives up on Tenancy Tribunal-ordered compensation

A Timaru woman says she has given up hope of receiving compensation awarded to her by the Tenancy Tribunal, saying she’s surprised the Tribunal can’t enforce its rulings.     (Source:

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Govt accused of double standards over health of state houses

The government has been accused of having one rule for private landlords and another for itself when it comes to meeting its own healthy homes standards. Fewer than one-in-five state homes comply with the government's own health homes standards, which become law for private landlords on 1 July.      (Source:

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Photo ID from tenants is important

Most property managers request and obtain photo ID from prospective tenants when they submit a tenancy application. When doing a Tenant Check on a prospective tenant, it is good practice to use the tenant's personal details as shown on their photo ID rather than what is written on their tenancy application. This will help to ensure you receive an accurate Tenant Check report because you have the correct spelling of their legal name and their correct date of birth. You can upload the tenant's photo onto illion Tenancy after doing the Tenant Check on them. A discount off the cost of your Tenant Check will be given for the photo upload.



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