What 1 July 2021 means for you and the healthy homes standards

1 July 2021 ─ this is the first compliance date for rental properties to meet the five healthy homes standards. The dates to meet the standards aren’t one-size-fits-all. They depend on the type of property or when a new or renewed tenancy starts.     (Source: Tenancy.govt.nz)

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Time not right for a rental warrant of fitness, landlords say

The Green Party wants a mandatory warrant of fitness for rental properties, but landlords say the Healthy Homes standards mean it is not necessary. Compliance with them is being phased in but, since July 1, all private rental properties must comply with the standards within 90 days of any new or renewed tenancy.     (Source: Stuff.co.nz)

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Tenants could be hesitant to try to enforce Healthy Homes Standards, lawyer says

Those advocating for tenants say it should not be up to renters to enforce the Healthy Home Standards - due to the power imbalance. Associate Housing Minister Poto Williams said the Government has acted to address this.    (Source: Rnz.co.nz)

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Number of homes in the hands of investors almost triples since 1986

The number of properties in the hands of investors increased about 191 per cent between 1986 and 2018, research has found. In real terms, that constituted 288,714 more properties entering the hands of investors, resulting in the group owning over a quarter of the occupied housing stock, or 440,025 properties.      (Source: Stuff.co.nz)

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Share your Tenant Ratings and warnings

Our Tenant Rating system gives you the ability to rate a tenant on key areas of their tenancy. You can also load warning alerts regarding drug use or manufacture at the property, whether if you have been verbally or physically abused by the tenant, and more. Let the next property manager or landlord know about your great and not-so-great tenants by using our Tenant Rating system. Find it under the Lodge > Tenant Rating menu online. You can also lodge a Tenant Rating on a tenant whom you have previously done a tenant check on via the My Account > My Tenant Checks menu, here the Tenant Rating form will be automatically populated with the tenant's details to save you time. Each lodgement earns you a credit on your account and enters you into the draw to win a bottle of wine!



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Every lodgement enters the next draw.

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Lodgement references must be submitted on illion Tenancy's website under the Lodge menu. Lodgements must be made in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

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