Two big changes for landlords and tenants

The government has detailed new interest deductibility rules and rewritten the country’s leases to help tenants during future lockdowns, Justin Giovannetti writes in The Spinoff.     (Source:

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Tribunal: Anti-social behaviour – tenancy terminated

A tenant who cut the Sky cable, removed fuses from the fuse box and put them back incorrectly, and tagged items on the premises has had his periodic tenancy terminated.     (Source:

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Auckland tenant ordered to pay landlord $8k after abusive partner smashed up home

A woman renting a home on Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast was ordered to pay nearly $8000 for damage mainly caused by her abusive partner. The tenancy tribunal decision has disappointed Women’s Refuge, which has called it “totally unfair”.     (Source:

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Baches and the RTA

The Tenancy Tribunal has given a decision on whether a bach is subject to the Residential Tenancies Act despite not hearing a dispute. In its decision the tribunal said section 5(1)(k)(i) provides that the premises are excluded from the RTA if they are used for the provision of “temporary or transient accommodation”.     (Source:

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Lodge Tenancy Tribunal orders online

You can add good and bad tenants on our national tenant database using our lodgement system. One of the lodgements you can make are Tenancy Tribunal orders. Lodge Tenancy Tribunal orders online directly from the Lodge menu. Alternatively, you can find a 'Lodge' button under the My Account > My Tenant Checks menu for each tenant you have previously checked. If you make your lodgements from there, illion Tenancy will automate most of the tenant's details into the lodgement form to make the lodgement quick and easy. This is a fast way to be awarded account credits and reduce your tenant checking costs, all while warning others of bad tenants.



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Grace Shi Barfoot & Thompson Howick

Every valid lodgement enters into the next draw.

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Terms and Conditions:
Lodgement references must be submitted on illion Tenancy's website under the Lodge menu. Lodgements must be made in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.

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