Privacy Commissioner takes aim at intrusive landlords

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has launched a new compliance monitoring programme and guidance to ensure that property managers and other rental sector agencies are acting in accordance with the Privacy Act.     (Source:

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State landlord accused of breaking law over abusive tenants

A litigation lawyer says the state landlord Kāinga Ora is "unquestionably" breaking the law by not evicting unruly tenants. The government denies having a hard-line 'no eviction' policy, despite not evicting any Kāinga Ora tenants in the past three years.    (Source:

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Canterbury renter wins at Tenancy Tribunal: Landlord jacks up the rent

A Canterbury tenant has accused his landlord of jacking up his rent by $60 a week as retaliation for winning a $1000 payout at the Tenancy Tribunal.     (Source:

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What landlords can tell tenants

The Privacy Commissioner has released new guidelines detailing what information landlords should and should not collect from tenants. Privacy Commissioner John Edwards says tenants and prospective tenants need to have confidence in the way their personal information has been collected, used, stored, and disclosed by their landlord or property manager.     (Source:

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False details on tenancy application forms

Some tenants make slight changes to their name to get past the Tenant Checks when completing tenancy application forms. Be diligent about getting their correct name to use when performing a Tenant Check. We recommend requesting a photo of the tenant's driver's licence or passport. Enter their name as it is written on their photo identification as tenancy and credit information is most likely recorded under that name. Tenant Checks through illion Tenancy can verify NZ driver's licences, and NZ or Australian Passports, to ensure your prospective tenant has given you their correct name and date of birth. It is always best practice to include a tenant's correct legal name on the tenancy agreement. For example, Tony Roberts is not the same as Anthony Roberts.




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