Mega landlord claims refuted

The Property Investors Federation has rebutted a Sunday Star Times article claiming there are 605,722 investment properties owned by 533,000 people or businesses in New Zealand.     (Source:

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Auckland landlord ups rent $50 to $900 per week due to 'overwhelming response'

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), which is in charge of Tenancy Services, was unable to say whether the landlord had breached anti-bidding rules, stating it needed more information and to hear from all involved.    (Source:

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'Real-life nightmare': Renters facing dwindling options, Trade Me data shows

Data from Trade Me shows that there were 10 per cent fewer rental properties listed for rent on the site in November 2021 compared to November 2016, and 6 per cent fewer than 2020.     (Source:

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Cannabis growing operation leads to eviction

A Tauranga tenant has been evicted after a routine property inspection by the landlord found cannabis plants and growing equipment in three areas of a rental property at Papamoa Beach.     (Source:

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New Zealand's national tenancy database

An illion Tenant Check searches our comprehensive tenancy database for records of tenant checks done by other property managers, as well as tenant ratings, drug warnings, 14 Day notices, and Tenancy Tribunal orders. This information will be displayed under the section illion Tenancy Check Report. Any such information that is found will show the name of the property manager who lodged the information. Click on their name to submit an enquiry to that property manager. This feature allows you to contact your prospective tenant's past property managers. This is a great way to learn additional information that your prospective tenant may not have disclosed during their tenancy application. You can lodge your own tenancy information online under the 'Lodge' menu online. Each Lodgement will earn you an account credit.




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Lodgement references must be submitted on illion Tenancy's website under the Lodge menu. Lodgements must be made in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.



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