Changes to the healthy homes standards coming

The Government has agreed to amending the Healthy Homes Standards for newer rentals, following industry feedback. The changes reflect the higher thermal performance of new homes built to the 2008 building code requirements for insulation, glazing and apartments and will come into force on May 12.     (Source:

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Flat met healthy home standards, yet tenant had to go to the emergency room

A student is questioning how a mouldy flat could simultaneously meet healthy home standards and send him to the emergency room. During the year, the PhD student went from being physically fit and a keen mountain biker, to not even being able to walk to university.     (Source:

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DIY landlords to escape regulations noose

Private landlords will not be included in the Government’s new legislation regulating property managers, despite intense lobbying from the sector. Despite all participants at recent Housing and Urban Development Ministry (HUD) workshops urging it to lobby the Government to include private landlords, senior officials say it is not in their remit to recommend that.     (Source:

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Tips for claiming property expenses

Changes in tax deductibility for property investors that have passed into law haven’t prompted a major sell-off of rental properties. When the changes were announced in March last year there were anguished predictions landlords would not be able to keep their properties and rental market would be turned upside down. Deloitte Private partner Dan Hellyer has a few tips for landlords.     (Source:

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Tenancy Risk Score

Unique to the Property Management industry, illion Tenancy set the benchmark for tenant checking by the combining of credit bureau data, plus tenancy data into a simple, comprehensive, and accurate Tenancy Risk Score (TRS). This gives property managers and landlords a simple and reliable indicative score that summarises how much risk each prospective tenant poses. Along with the TRS will be the Tenancy Risk Report which shows the relevant information which is contributing to the score.




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