Rent freeze suggested to private landlords’ surprise

The Human Rights Commission wants an immediate freeze on rent increases and an increase in the accommodation supplement because of the cost-of-living crisis. The last time there was a rent freeze was during 2020, the first year of Covid-19. It lasted for six months. (Source:

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'Small' Auckland landlords say they'd offer 10-year leases for tax breaks

Auckland landlords say the Government’s recent policy announcement that it will give corporate landlords tax breaks is unfair on “ma and pa” investors. Earlier this year the Government changed the rules so that landlords could not write off interest from their tax bill on rental income from existing housing. (Source:

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Two Auckland reality stars ordered by Tenancy Tribunal to pay nearly $2000 after threatening to expose their landlord

A recently released Tenancy Tribunal ruling found against influencers Sabina Jeyasingham, known as Sabby Jey, and Si (Judy) Gao. The pair threatened to expose their landlord on their social media accounts over issues with the house including the pool not being good enough for filming and a lack of space for "dressmaking". (Source:

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Tax exemption discriminates against ordinary landlords

Giving build-to-rent developers an exemption from the Government’s tax rules removing interest costs as a tax deduction discriminates against ‘mum and dad’ investors, says the Property Investors Federation. Federation president Andrew King says the vast majority of tenants cannot afford brand new, high end accommodation. “They want well maintained, warm, dry but ultimately good value rental accommodation.” (Source:

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Driver's licence verifications on tenants

As part of our Tenant Check process, we can perform driver’s licence verifications on New Zealand driver’s licences. A driver’s licence verification will confirm if your prospective tenant has provided you with their correct driver’s licence, and not a fictitious licence or altered licence. The licence verification will also confirm if your prospective tenant has provided you with their name and date of birth that matches the information that Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) hold on their database against that driver’s licence number.




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