Five warning signs which may mean your property manager is underperforming

Propertyscouts have outlined five warning signs which may mean that your property manager is underperforming. Your property manager should be handling the day-to-day business of owning an investment property on your behalf. This includes fielding calls from tenants and addressing their concerns in a professional and timely manner. (Source:

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Tenant claims his termination was served as revenge by his landlord

A tenant alleges that their landlord's notice of termination was discriminatory. While giving evidence at the Tenancy Tribunal, the tenant admits to having relationship difficulties, leading to loud arguments which not only upset the landlord, but also the neighbours. (Source:

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Landlord ordered to pay $38,780 for renting an unlawful premises

An Auckland landlord has been ordered by the Tenancy Tribunal to pay $38,780 for various breaches of the Residential Tenancies Act. The breaches include renting an unconsented building, breaching a right to quiet enjoyment, and not providing a form of heating. (Source:

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Tribunal awards Landlord $14,066 in damages for tenant’s drug growing operation

Extensive damage was caused throughout the property when the tenant installed heat pumps, put plastic sheeting over the windows and cut holes into the ceiling so hot air could be transferred between rooms for his marijuana crop growing enterprise. (Source:

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Keep your privacy waivers!

Principle 3 in the Privacy Act 2020 states that organisations should be open about why they are collecting personal information and what they will do with it. Your tenancy application form should include a Privacy Statement to ensure your prospective tenants are aware that you may use their personal information to perform a tenant check on them. This will give you consent, also known as a ‘privacy waiver’ to perform a tenant check as part of your tenant selection process.

We highly recommend you save and securely store tenancy applications submitted by any tenant whom you have performed a tenant check on for at least 6 years from the date of your tenant check. Why? Because a record of your tenant check is stored on the tenant's Tenant Report for 6 years. In the case of a privacy complaint or enquiry by a tenant, you may be required to present confirmation you obtained a privacy waiver from the tenant. This also applies if you did not proceed with letting out to that tenant.




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