Family violence and assaults regulations explained for tenancies

Tenancy Services has released a guidance notes to clarify new Residential Tenancies Act regulations which allow a tenancy to be terminated due to incidents of family violence or physical assault (during the tenancy). These changes came into effect in August 2021, but apply on and from 29 December 2022. (Source:

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Private property owners leaving their homes to avoid unruly Kāinga Ora tenants

Kāinga Ora is the landlord of last resort for about 200,000 New Zealanders and about half of them, are children. Kāinga Ora has received about 6,500 complaints but has not terminated any tenancies or evicted a single tenant since it began to vigorously enforce the law against unruly renters in February. (Source:

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Auckland landlords ordered to pay their tenant $3,000 for “emotional harm"

The Tenancy Tribunal heard the tenant in this application was made to look after the landlords’ pets while they were on holiday, under threat of being evicted. The landlords confirmed they had 10 cockatoos, 20-30 goldfish and one dog and told the tribunal looking after them was “not that difficult” and there was no threat of eviction. (Source:

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Want to know what a mediation or Tenancy Tribunal hearing looks like?

Videos and information about mediation and Tenancy Tribunal hearings are now available on the Tenancy Services website. These short recordings provide insight into what you can expect if you’re considering applying for (or are scheduled to attend) a mediation or a Tenancy Tribunal hearing. (Source:

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Passport Verifications on Tenant’s

As part of our Tenant Check process, you can perform passport verifications on New Zealand and Australian issued passports. A passport verification will confirm if your prospective tenant has provided you with their correct passport, and not a fictitious passport or altered passport. The passport verification will also confirm if your prospective tenant has provided you with a name and date of birth that matches the information that the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) holds on its database against that passport number.




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