Landlords slam Greens' rent controls proposal

The Green party have proposed a rent control policy of capping rent rises at 3%, the rate of inflation, or 1% less than annual wage growth, whichever of those three figures was the lowest. However, Peter Lewis, vice president of the Property Investors Federation, said if the Greens’ were to implement their policy it would also result in more rental deals being done on the black market where tenants had fewer protections. (Source:

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Tenancy Tribunal grants Landlord an urgent application for eviction of raging tenant

Collett Realty had let one of its flats on Auckland’s North Shore to a tenant, who threatened other tenants, seriously assaulted one tenant in the complex, and menaced the property manager. The landlord also believed his life was in danger from the tenant, who was blinded by rage. During the Tribunal hearing, Collett Realty had provided CCTV still images to the Tribunal showing the tenant chasing the tenant he assault and coming back to the assaulted tenant’s premises. The tenant sent multiple text messages to the property manager, who then went to the complex and found it was an emergency because he thought the victim was so seriously hurt, they were unconscious or dead. (Source:

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Landlord ordered to pay tenant $15,000 in compensation

When Auckland was hit by two big floods this year, the property suffered large-scale damage to the ground floor carpet, power points, walls, gib board and house contents. The landlord then issued a seven-day termination notice to the tenants on the grounds the property was “unsafe after the flooding under the provisions of an emergency, we are giving you seven days’ notice to vacate the property.”. The landlord was ordered to pay the tenant $15,464.79 immediately and conduct remedial work on the property.  (Source:

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Landlords in favour of using KiwiSaver for tenancy bonds

National’s election promise is to allow under-30-year-olds to use KiwiSaver for tenancy bonds. The vice-president of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) says it is a good idea because it makes a bond more accessible to more people and anything that helps them overcome that bond hurdle is a good idea, providing there are sufficient safeguards to make sure the bond has been lodged before the tenancy commences. (Source:

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Locating ex-tenants with Address Alerts

Do you need a current address on a previous tenant to enforce a Tenancy Tribunal order, or want to know if your tenant is intending to move? Illion Tenancy has an ‘Address Alert’ feature which can be activated for any tenant you have previously performed a Tenant Check or lodged on our tenancy database.

The Address Alert will trigger an email notification to you, informing you anytime another illion Tenancy subscriber performs a Tenant Check on your tenant. This feature can be turned on or off from the My Account menu where you can find all your previous Tenant Checks and Tenant Lodgements. Simply click the orange coloured “Add -A-Alert” button to activate it, or “Cancel A-Alert” to deactivate it.  


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