Unnecessary interference on rent prices caused by recent Tribunal decisions

A partner at the property accountancy firm GRA has reacted to a recent newspaper article revealing the Tenancy Tribunal had ordered a landlord to lower the rent payable per week on their property. He says the Tenancy Tribunal dictating what landlords must charge is tampering with the free market and described it as "creeping socialism". (Source: Landlords.co.nz)

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Tenant loses home after calling the council to order a wheelie bin

After calling the council to complain about not having a wheelie bin and ordering the delivery of one, a council inspector visited the property and found the downstairs dwelling had been converted into two rental units without council consent. The council then issued the landlord with a “notice to fix” but five days later the tenant received an eviction notice from the landlord so that the “extensive renovations” required by council, could be undertaken. (Source: Stuff.co.nz)

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Tenants successfully evicted after living rent-free for 30 years

Landlords, who are based in Japan, successfully applied to the High Court for a summary judgment ordering the occupants of their house in south Auckland to vacate the property. Obtaining such an order is relatively rare, but its advantage is that it does not require a trial. The more common way to deal with squatters is the Tenancy Tribunal. (Source: Stuff.co.nz)

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Tax burden on investors is already affecting rental properties

Property Investors Federation (Federation) executive committee member, Tim Horsbrugh told Parliament’s Finance and Expenditure Committee that although the Government’s objective of removing interest deductibility was to improve affordability for first home buyers, the effect of knocking back investor demand for existing housing, has caused the opposite effect. Tim Horsbrugh claimed the shortage of rental property is now worse, leading to higher levels of homelessness, reduced availability of rental property and higher rents. The Federation had put a plan to the Government to fix the rental crisis, which includes a new long-term tenancy option in addition to the existing periodic and fixed-term options available. (Source: Landlords.co.nz)

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Public Checks on tenants

The Public Check service offered by illion Tenancy is a quick background check that performs instant and simultaneous searches for possible information on your tenant applicant through a dozen sources including, Ministry of Justice Tenancy Tribunal Orders, Court Judgments, Facebook, LinkedIn, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Register, Google, News sites, Companies Office records, Police 10/7 for wanted and missing persons, Parole Board, Interpol, and more. Searching parameters can be changed to search through 37 countries.




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