The benefits of regular home inspections

A rental management agency recommends regular rental property inspections, saying they are beneficial for both landlords and tenants. They provide landlords with an assurance that their property is being well cared for, ensures tenants have an opportunity to raise awareness about any issues and that such issues are dealt with in a timely manner. Regular inspections are also a requirement for insurance companies offering landlord insurance, without which landlords can find that their cover has lapsed. (Source:

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Website allows tenants to see how many properties their landlord owns

The website allows anyone to type in an address to see what other properties the owner owns and has recorded more than 188,000 searches since being launched. The website is now under scrutiny from both the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). (Source:

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Tenancy Tribunal finds tenant was growing marijuana after police raid

While the relative criminal charge of cultivating cannabis was dismissed, the Tenancy Tribunal found the man was “more likely than not” to have been growing cannabis at the property as the evidential burden of proof in the Tenancy Tribunal is different to that in the criminal court (being the higher standard of beyond reasonable doubt). (Source:

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Auckland landlord sought restraining order against tenancy investigators

A landlord is aggrieved after he was investigated and had an application brought against him in the Tenancy Tribunal by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) tenancy compliance team. The investigation was in relation to not returning his tenant’s bond. The Landlord sought a restraining order against the MBIE and sent $2,500 invoices to both the ministry and the tenant for taking up his time. (Source:

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False tenant details on tenancy applications

Tenants may make slight changes to their name to get past the Tenant Checks when completing tenancy application forms. Be diligent about getting their correct name to use when performing a Tenant Check. We recommend requesting a photo of the tenant's driver's licence or passport. Tenant Checks through illion Tenancy can verify NZ driver's licences, and NZ or Australian Passports, to ensure your prospective tenant has given you their correct name and date of birth.

Enter their name as it is written on their photo identification as tenancy and credit information is most likely recorded under that name. It is always best practice to include a tenant's correct legal name on the tenancy agreement. For example, Tony Roberts is not the same as Anthony Roberts. 




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