New healthy homes standards compliance statements kick in on December 1

The compliance statement requires certain details of the rental property’s current level of compliance with the healthy homes standards.     (Source:

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Nelson landlord asks would-be tenant for $5000 bond to cover his insurance excess

Under the Residential Tenancies Act, a landlord can ask for a bond that is equivalent to up to four weeks’ rent. For the $450 property, this amounts to $1800.     (Source:

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What's reasonable? Tenant faces $50/wk jump
as rents soar

It is not just house prices that are on the rise. Rents are increasing too and experts say that’s leading to confusion over what is fair and what is not. Landlords are legally entitled to raise the rent they charge once a year.     (Source:

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Why contents insurance could be a good idea for renters

Under the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act, which took effect from August 27 2019, tenants who damage rental properties as a result of carelessness are required to pay for it.     (Source:

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Personal Character Check is now Public Check

Effective 6th of November 2020, our Personal Character Check was renamed to Public Check. Our Public Check is a quick background check that performs instant simultaneous searches for information on your applicant through over a dozen sources including, Tribunal orders on the Ministry of Justice, Court Judgments, Facebook, LinkedIn, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Register, Google, News sites, Companies Office records, Police 10/7, Parole Board, Interpol, and more. Searching parameters can be changed to search through 37 other countries.



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