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Revealed: Healthy Homes minimum standards
 The Government’s minimum standards to make rental properties healthier for tenants have finally been released. The new standards set minimum requirements for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping in residential rental properties. Read more.


Rental home standards an 'attack on landlords', says Judith Collins
 The National Party's housing spokeswoman, Judith Collins, says the Government's new standards for rental homes are an attack on landlords. The new rules, announced on Sunday, include a requirement for all rentals to have a heater that can warm the main living area up to 18 degrees Celsius. The homes must also have ceiling and underfloor insulation that meets 2008 Building Code standards, or for existing ceiling insulation to have a minimum thickness of 120mm. Read more.
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Think the rental squeeze is bad now? It’s probably about to get worse
An array of government measures including better insulation on rental properties, the end of negative gearing for property investors, and the potential introduction of a capital gains tax may force a mass rental stock sell-off, warns property management consultant David Faulkner. We’ve all seen the headlines. Teachers forced to bunk in with their bosses; over 10,000 households waiting for public housing, up from 4530 the same time last year; even disturbing claims like ‘sex for rent’. Almost daily now, we see stories of tenants struggling to secure properties while rising rents force people out of their homes.Read more.
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When can landlords and agents charge a fee?
From 12 December 2018, tenants can’t be charged letting fees. However, landlords and agents can recover their costs in certain situations. A letting fee is any fee charged by a letting agent or solicitor to cover costs like: listing and advertising rentals, showing houses or vetting potential tenants. If you’re a property manager, make sure you’ve updated your listings to remove any mention of letting fees. There are some situations when landlords or property managers can have their costs reimbursed by the tenant. Read more.
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TINZ Lodgements pay you and help others  
 Lodgements credit your account and help others! You are able to lodge a tenant reference, 14 day notice or TT order directly from 'My Tenant Checks' where detail can be automated. You can find the  'Lodge' button in 'My Tenant Checks' for each Tenant you have previously checked. Make your lodgements from there and TINZ will automate most of the form. This is fastest way to gain credits and reduce checking costs. Go check 'My Tenant Checks' from the 'My TINZ menu'. Start here



a This months Winner of the Reds is... 
Ryan Weir
Walker Weir Property Management
Every lodgement enters the next draw.

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 Watch this 30-minute video on how to get qualified as a Property Manager in 2019. 
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