14 Day Notices

Have you taken a tenant to the Tenancy Tribunal? 

illion Tenancy is New Zealand's national tenancy database, also known as the national 'bad tenant register'.  

As a member of the New Zealand Property Investors' Federation, your free illion Tenancy subscription not only gives you access to do comprehensive Tenant Checks, but also the ability to warn other landlord's and property managers when you have taken a tenant to the Tenancy Tribunal.

Any Tenancy Tribunal Order you lodge on illion Tenancy will be recorded on the tenant's tenancy record and credit record. This Tribunal Order will be displayed on the tenant's Tenant Check report to help the next property manager or landlord make an informed decision when deciding whether to accept that tenant's application.

Each Tenancy Tribunal Order lodged on illion Tenancy earns you a credit on your account and enters you into the draw to win a bottle of wine!

If you need help getting the tenant(s) to pay the amount awarded on the Tribunal Order, you will be given the option send your Tribunal Order to CIA Debt Recovery, who have specialised in tenancy tribunal order recoveries for over 20 years.

How to Lodge a Tenancy Tribunal Order:

1. Login in at www.illiontenancy.co.nz
2. Go to the Lodge > Tenancy Tribunal Order menu
3. Enter the tenant's and 14 Day Notice details into the online form. Click 'Submit'.

Watch our 2 minute tutorial video below on Tenancy Tribunal Order lodgements for more information.

Promote your good tenants and shut down the bad! 

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