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Tell us about your good and bad tenants!

illion Tenancy is New Zealand's national tenancy database, commonly called the ''bad tenant register'. 

As a member of illion Tenancy you can let the next property manager or landlord know about your good and bad tenants by sharing good and bad Tenant Ratings. 

Tenant Ratings ask you to rate your tenant on key areas of their tenancy such as how well they paid rent on time and kept the property tidy. 

You can also add Warning Alerts with your Tenant Rating to warn if your tenant had drug use or manufacturing at the property, had been verbally or physically abusive to you, and more. 

Tenant Ratings you share will be recorded on the tenant's tenancy record and displayed on their Tenant Check report to help the next property manager or landlord make an informed decision.

Each Tenant Rating lodged on illion Tenancy earns you a credit on your account and enters you into the draw to win a bottle of wine!

How to Lodge a Tenant Rating:

1. Login in at www.illiontenancy.co.nz
2. Go to the Lodge menu and select Tenant Rating
3. Enter the tenant's and Rating details into the online form. Click 'Submit'.

Watch our 2 minute tutorial video below on Tenant Rating lodgements for more information.

Promote your good tenants and shut down the bad! 

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