Take the guesswork out when selecting tenant candidates! 

illion Tenancy helps you make informed decisions when choosing your tenants with our simple and effective online Tenant Check. 

As a member of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation, you still have access to your free illion Tenancy subscription account. Your subscription allows you to access our national tenancy database and credit reporting bureau to do Tenant Checks from only $17+GST.

Our Tenant Check reports are provided to you instantly online and are very comprehensive. The report provides a Tenancy Risk Score on your prospective tenant. This score provides greater risk assessment accuracy compared to a standard credit score because it uses a combination of both credit bureau data and tenancy data. This gives property managers and landlords a simple and reliable indicative score that summarises how much risk each prospective tenant poses. 

A Tenant Percentile Rank will also be provided on the report to give you a comparison guide with other tenants' scores. 

Avoid getting stuck with a tenant who has a poor tenancy history or a poor credit record! 

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Please send us an email if you have forgotten your log in credentials to your illion Tenancy account. 

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