Residential Managers

Time is money for residential property managers. illion Tenancy has been providing property managers a fast, efficient, and reliable tenant credit checking service for many years.

Join online and we'll have you up and running within two business hours, or call us to have your illion Tenancy account activated immediately.

Tenancy Check

Searches New Zealand's comprehensive tenant database for 7 years of tenancy history including Tenant Ratings, drug use warnings, 14 day notices, Tenancy Tribunal orders, previous tenant checks and tenancy addresses from property managers and landlords.

Also includes any tenancy debt collection history.

Credit Check

Provides a general credit history including payment defaults, serious credit infringements, credit application and previous enquiry history. 

Each credit check report comes with our unique Tenancy Risk Score and a driver's licence verification to ensure your applicant has supplied you with their correct personal information.

Public Check

Searches over a dozen sources including, Tribunal orders on the Ministry of Justice, Court Judgments, Facebook, LinkedIn, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Register, Google, Bing, News sites, Companies Office records, Police 10/7, Parole Board, Sensible Sentencing Trust, Interpol, and NZ Gazette.  Read more

illion Tenancy has partnered with the Property Managers Institute of New Zealand (PROMINZ) to offer their members complimentary membership with illion Tenancy, plus discounted tenant checking prices. Select Tier 0 when completing the online registration form.



Tenant Checking Innovation

Introducing Tenancy Risk Score

Unique to the Property Management industry, illion Tenancy introduced a new benchmark for tenant checking with the Tenancy Risk Score.

Our Tenancy Risk Score provides greater risk assessment accuracy compared to a standard credit score because it uses a combination of both credit bureau data and tenancy data. Tenancy Risk Score will be included in the full Tenant Check report, showing the relevant information which is contributing to the score.

This gives property managers and landlords a simple and reliable indicative score that summarises how much risk each prospective tenant poses. Also included is a Tenant Percentile Rank as a comparison guide with other tenants.

A higher Tenancy Risk Score is desirable. A good, low-risk tenant will have a Tenancy Risk Score of 500 and above. Here is an example.



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