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Call to license landlords

 There’s a fresh demand for the mandatory licensing of landlords, and this time it comes from property manager representatives. In the wake of last week’s Tenancy Tribunal ruling against a landlord who failed to lodge bonds for 81 tenants, the Property Management Institute of New Zealand (PROMINZ)* has issued a call for mandatory licensing of landlords. PROMINZ chair Karen Withers says they believe that a landlord licensing system would ensure only “fit and proper” landlords would be able to operate as landlords – including being able to advertise properties for rent. The Welsh RentSmart model, which requires landlords to keep up-to-date on tenancy laws and legislative changes in order to manage rental property, would work well in New Zealand, she says.    (Source:

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Don’t wait - get compliant

 Radical, costly and with issues? Yes. But the new Healthy Homes minimum standards are warranted and will improve New Zealand’s housing stock, according to one property management consultant. The standards have been a long time coming, they’ve been hotly contested along the way and mutterings of discontent continue to swirl around them. But David Faulkner, who is the director of property management consultants Real-iQ, says they have merit as all New Zealanders have the right to live in a warm, dry home. “If you are a landlord who thinks otherwise, you should sell up and put your money elsewhere. And if you are a property manager who thinks otherwise you should leave the industry and get another job.” While he disagrees with some of the things the Government is doing in the tenancy area, he’s in agreement with them over the standards, he told his audience at the GRA Property Leaders Event last weekend.    (Source:

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Landlord threatens to evict tenant over pet duck called Primadonna

A man was facing homelessness after his landlord threatened to evict him over his pet duck, Primadonna, who he claimed was an emotional support animal. Vayne Myers, 26, was forced to take legal action to keep his home and his beloved pet Peking duck safe. Primadonna even wears nappies inside the house to avoid making any mess. Despite staying in his own private yard, remaining completely undetected by neighbours for months, the landlord told Mr Myers ducks were not allowed on the property. The property's body corporate allegedly charged a fee for any tenants who kept cats but other animals were strictly prohibited.    (Source: NZ Herald)

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Some landlords could miss insulation deadline as winter sets in for tenants

They've been three years coming, but the new insulation rules for rental homes won't be keeping all tenants cosy this winter. By July 1, all New Zealand's estimated 600,000 rental homes should have ceiling and under-floor insulation where possible. However not all will, and landlords could be told to pay tenants up to $4000 compensation, with penalties of up to $1000 for property managers. Landlords have had since 2016 to comply, but some late-runners have struck waiting lists with installers while others could be mistaken in believing their properties are up to standard. Peter Hackshaw from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's (MBIE) Tenancy Services said there would be no extensions, and landlords had been given "ample time and information to get the required work done". He said failing to comply was "not only unlawful, it also exposes tenants to potential harm by not having a home that is warm and dry enough during the winter months".   (Source: Stuff)

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